Always with the focus on the client, 
we assume ourselves as a partner in the areas of quality and performance evaluation

About Us

DOUROLAB® is Alquímica’s laboratory providing technical and analytical services in non-food areas, namely detergency, cosmetics, light bazaar and environment. The services provided range from analytical quality control to performance evaluations, always with the emission of quantitative, practical, and objective technical reports in order to serve the direct customer in his search for continuous improvement.
This brand aims to make a clear differentiation between the services provided by Alquímica and those that are specific to its laboratory, giving them value and a well-defined existence. With the significant increase of the available area, due to its expansion, DOUROLAB’s services are well defined and organized in an autonomous space, and with the reinforcement of the installed capacity, it intends to reach more customers and serve those who already exist in a faster and broader way. The spirit that presides over this brand continues to be identical to that of Alquímica, the search for solutions that are tailor-made for the client, not being necessarily tied to standardized answers, but lending its know-how of three decades to the service of excellence and specificity of the solutions.

Customer-tailored solutions


With ethics, transparency and impartiality, we develop skills and create partnerships, assuming the commitment of a quality service at fair value.


Development and implementation of technical solutions suited to the customers needs, ensuring the quality and compliance of processes and products.


Always focused on the client, we assume ourselves as a reliable partner, offering the best solutions in the areas of Quality Control and Environmental and Industrial Engineering