DOUROLAB ®  presents itself as Alquímica’s laboratory providing technical and analytical services in the non-food areas, such as detergency, cosmetics, light bazaar and environment.

Intervention Areas



The Analytical Control of a product or article is intended to assess its intrinsic characteristics, both from a physical, chemical or microbiological point of view.

Evaluation of


Evaluating the performance of a product or article aims to study all its aspects, from packaging, labeling, content to effectiveness of use. This evaluation takes into account the purpose of the product and the expectations of the consumer.



The attribution of the European Union eco-label, ECOLABEL, aims to reward products that meet a series of criteria, which vary according to the type of product and respective application, with the aim of having the lowest environmental impact.


The consultancy involves a set of diagnostics and technical actions that can range from formulation, labeling, technical documentation, functionality of products and processes, records and technical-legal support.